B E   G R E E T E D

Welcome to the very official home page of mr M. J. Tuominen;
but be warned: you will not find anything in English here (at least for now)

My home pages--from which you can read my articles about faith, as well as some stunning facts about the world-wide conspiracy which spans from science to politics, and from Israel to the dark side of the Moon--supply the breath of life to peacekeepers gasping in the moist air of the Afghanistani jungle; enables workers to raise the sinking city of Turku three-quarters of an inch; inspires millions of people to subdue the Euro crisis in 2012, MTV3 meteorologists to forecast weather correctly, a group of housewives to re-invent shoe polish, surgeons to sew back severed heads and remove a ninety-nine kilogram tumor as big as a gym ball.

Written: 2012-07-06
Updated: 2014-07-23