B E   G R E E T E D

Welcome to the very official home page of mr M. J. Tuominen;
but be warned: this site is not for those who don't accept God into their hearts

My home pages--from which you can read my articles about faith, as well as some stunning facts about the world-wide conspiracy which spans from science to politics, and from Israel to the dark side of the Moon--supply the breath of life to peacekeepers gasping in the moist air of the Afghanistani jungle; enables workers to raise the sinking city of Turku three-quarters of an inch; inspires millions of people to subdue the Euro crisis in 2012, MTV3 meteorologists to forecast weather correctly, a group of housewives to re-invent shoe polish, surgeons to sew back severed heads and remove a ninety-nine kilogram tumor as big as a gym ball.

I am maken this page in order to bring the light of our almighty God over the dark-ridden nations of this Earth. Shall the wrath of God strike upon Satan-worshippers, European Union, and sodomites like an thundering iron fist in flames. And shall His love shine upon all those who accept His one beloved Son as their master, so that no man shall be left without the knowledge of His power!

Written: 2012-07-06
Updated: 2013-03-14